Lawmaker proposes warning labels for sugary drinks in Califo

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下面ESSAYLW教員組為大家整理一篇優秀的代寫范文,供大家參考學習。這篇文章講述的是,Lawmaker proposes warning labels for sugary drinks in California這篇文章中,立法者民主黨參議員威廉·蒙寧(William Monning)向州政府提出了一項名為SB1000的法案,要求在含糖飲料上貼上警告標簽(Newsela,2014)。他指出含糖飲料會增加肥胖、糖尿病和相關健康問題的數量。在本文中,筆者將對政府為什么不應該對蘇打行業進行執法進行考察和評價。


Lawmaker proposes warning labels for sugary drinks in California


Before we get into Newsela’s article about putting warning labels on sugary drinks, I would like to share what I see soft drink industry in China. When you walk in the street in China, you don’t usually see people drink soft drinks, rather than you see them line up to get a cup of bubble tea. Drinking new styles of tea has become a popular trend in China because of people’s eating habit. However, these bubble teas contain huge amounts of sugar, some stores will ask you how many sugar you want to add, but most of the time, people don’t ask. Could you imagine how many sugars people consume when they drink one cup of bubble tea. Drinking industry has become extremely popular in China, especially in young groups of people. In this article, Lawmaker Democratic Sen. William Monning proposed a Bill called SB1000 to state to put the warning labels on sugary drinks Newsela2014.<标题>He pointed out sugary drinks can increase numbers of obesity, diabetes and related health issues. In this paper, I will exam and evaluate why government should not use law enforcement on soda industry.


In the article Lawmaker proposes warning labels for sugary drinks in California<标题>; author reached out a health issue that based on researches from national nutrition panel and health experts (Newsela, 2014). Lawmaker Democratic Monning proposed that government should supervise drink producers put warning label on soda drinks to decrease consumer’s consumption in these drinks. However, the fact shows this protest is not strong enough to push soft drink industry to take the real action. It is known that eating too much sugar will cause health problems such as diabetes and obesity. The medical group shows one soda a day will increase chances of being overweight, with 27 percent for adults and 55 percent for children (Newsela, 2014). Consequently, people will also have a high chance of getting diabetes.


Democratic Monning pointed out that government plays a significant role in protecting the public through many ways (Newsela, 2014). Hence; he hopes government could regulate the soda drinks industry. In general, government uses two methods to regulate the country. One is through macroeconomic control; the other is called microeconomic control. Usually, state establishes or improves laws and regulations through its macroeconomic control. It is important for government take the public in its priority. San Francisco is thinking about put a tax on sugary drinks. However, statistic shows the state will lose millions due to the cost of investing business (Newsela, 2014). Other protests were also taken down due to the invisible power behind. For example, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan about banning large sugary drinks in city-regulated outlets was rejected in court in 2013 (Newsela, 2014).


Through previous examples, we can see that lawmakers and governors want to use law enforcement to decrease the consumption in soda industry. If the state makes the law on bidding sugary drinks for health issues, what would be the consequences? The economy will decrease as a result from decrease of employment, and the decrease of employment will increase the government’s pressure such in health care, unemployment welfare, lowest income family welfare and so on. Hence, government could not agree the proposal about put warning label on sugary drinks for lawmaker’s concern. Economists explain this as free competition when individual’s benefit and industry’s benefit can’t exist at the same time, as well as when country’s benefits is taken into account. Moreover, when states take action on sugary drinks, who will be the beneficial owner? Consumer may not be the winner because they still have many choices on food. For example, they can buy high calorie donuts, cheesecakes or ice creams. Obviously, these foods could contain more calories than sugary drinks. As far as I am concerned, people have their own freedom to choose what they eat and what they drink; government should not put tags on every food that may harm people’s health, because this will eventually cause other side effects in people’s life. I think government can educate people about nutrition and health food through investing in other areas, such as increase people’s knowledge about the side effects of drinking sugary drinks, promote health lifestyle or decrease soft drink’s advertisement in social media channels.


In conclusion, it is important for people to take a deep insight in sugary drinks’ side effects on with regards to health problems. Monning listed numbers, examples and other governor’s proposals. These facts show why soft drink industry needs put a warning label. However, these protests were not succeeding due to the pressures from the industry and the state. From my point of view, I believe put a warning label on soda drinks is not enough to prevent people from buying it, because people know exactly what they want. There are so many other foods contain much more sugar and calories. Hence, I suggest government invests more on education. For example, deliver a healthy life style through TVs magazines and other social media channels. Here are some food thoughts about creating a healthy life style. For example, people could make fresh juice at home; they could also create a food menu that indicates calories. Usually, it is easier for people to buy it from juice store. People should also eat less oily and high calories food such as hamburgers and fries.


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