Aesthetics and Architecture

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下面ESSAYLW教員組為大家整理一篇優秀的代寫范文- <标题>Aesthetics and Architecture,供大家參考學習。這篇文章講述的是建筑在歷史中發展和進步。皮拉內西和勒羅伊的文章都涉及建筑美學的問題。除了實用價值和功能價值外,建筑美也應被視為一種基本屬性。如果不全面考慮裝飾的歷史淵源和考慮因素,就試圖批評、簡化和限制裝飾,那是不可取的。                         

<标题> Aesthetics and Architecture

<标题> Architecture develops and progresses through history. The articles of Piranesi and LeRoy both address the issue of the aesthetics of architecture. In addition to the utilitarian and functional values, the beauty of architecture should be considered as a fundamental property as well. Any attempt to criticize, simplify, and limit ornamentations without a thorough consideration of the historical origins and considerations of these ornamentations is not advisable.

In the studies by LeRoy on Greek architecture, how architecture went from purely functional to a symbol of culture is gradually revealed. Structures, such as beams and columns, first served the purpose of supporting the architecture. People inside the building must be kept safe first, before developing other purposes. However, this does not diminish the importance of forms and grandeur. According to LeRoy, forms and grandeur created a “pleasing effect on the eyes.” Piranesi had similar opinions on the importance of aesthetics, as he criticized the “monotonous” architectural beliefs that overlooks how people feel in the architecture. Without innovation, people might just live in primitive huts, which is entirely undesirable.

<标题> Architectural practices, like a river and must be considered from the continuous and historical perspective. When comparing the architectural aesthetics of the Greeks and the Romans, LeRoy made reference to the invasion of Greece by the Romans, who then imitated their glorious architectural technique and style. This gives Greek architecture a sense of “superiority.” Piranesi also addresses the importance of architraves, friezes, and cornices. However, he should not have criticized the “primitive huts” for being monotonous and boring. The ancestors of the Greeks once lived in those primitive huts as well. It was the accumulation of architectural innovation and wisdom that contributed to the great heights it achieved later.

Therefore, Le Roy argues that people should be more cautious when criticizing the traditional ornamentations. Architectural aesthetics are passed on from generation to generation. While the practices and the techniques remain, the original motivations and considerations behind the design are easily lost with history. Therefore, it is crucial that one fully understands these motivations before criticizing or making innovations based on previous architecture. While it is easy to refute something that seems tedious and unnecessary, it is much harder to rediscover architectural aesthetics that lost in history. Therefore, both of the authors emphasize that people should cherish and respect the legacy of traditional architecture. Meanwhile, innovation is also important for the further development of architecture, which should be based on the profound understanding of the significance of the various techniques.

<标题> In conclusion, architecture and aesthetics are a pair of inseparable concepts. Feelings are generated when someone enters a building. It is thus the responsibility of architects to provoke pleasant feelings from users through various aesthetic designs, such as the use of ornamentations, and perspective. Continuation of traditions and innovation are equally important for architecture, which should both be based on respect and understanding.



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