Alliance network marketing marketing research

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大家好 今天51due教員給大家帶來的是論文“Alliance network marketing marketing research”,這篇論文主要探討的是目前國外較為流行的市場營銷方式--聯盟網絡營銷(affiliate Marketing),這種營銷方式主要是利用網站來作為載體,通過對網站訪客的數據跟蹤、記錄、分析了解到目標客戶是通過什么途徑到達銷售的頁面,并以Commission Junction、Linkshare為例來講述別人是如何實踐成功的。下面一起來看看吧!

Affiliate Marketing is a popular method of promoting web business in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber and/or customer provided through his efforts. It is a modern variation of the practice of paying finder's-fees for the introduction of new clients to a business. Compensation may be made based on a certain value for each visit (Pay-per-click), registrant (Pay-per-lead), or a commission for each customer or sale (Pay-per-Sale)?¨ (Affiliate Marketing, 2006).

According to Harwood (2005), It takes more than the affiliate just generating traffic to get paid. Most affiliate networks are run on an a CPS (cost-per-action) basis so the customer may have to make a purchase or sign up for a service. ?§There are a number of affiliate network vendors, including TradeDoubler, DGM, Commission Junction, Affiliate Window and Affiliate Future, which sit between the advertiser and affiliate providing the underlying technology. This includes tracking and reporting on sales made through affiliate programs. The network also receives a commission on a CPA basis. The benefit of running an affiliate program is that it's a cost-efficient method of acquiring customers, while enabling smaller Web publishers to monetize their sites. The affiliates can be any size but they tend to be experts at online marketing and customer acquisition, particularly in the field of search engine marketing. Affiliates will optimize their sites and use paid search to gain traffic, which they then pass on to the merchant?¨ (Harwood, 2005, p.24).

Affiliate E-Marketing Companies

Various large affiliate e-marketing companies like Commission Junction, LinkShare, and AssocTrac provide e-marketing and revenue potential for both online advertisers and publishers. Each company is summarized below.

Commission Junction. Commission Junction allows the bundling of several affiliate merchants through a central tracking system. Promotion of brand name products can be accomplished through text links, banner ads, and product links. The company also offers e-marketing tools to help increase sales and leads. The company offers a suite of marketing products and multi-channel online marketing solutions that assist advertisers in meeting their revenue goals. Advertisers only pay for successful responses and that means risk is low. Advertisers can also increase or decrease their pay rates. Publishers make money by placing on their site, which are used to maximize revenue.

LinkShare provides a web-based suite of tools and services and a pay for performance program. Linkshare provides access to a large number of advertisers who offer programs to affiliates. Advertisers also have access to a large group of publishers who are looking for affiliate marketing opportunities. Advertisers make money by selling services and products. Publishers make money through site traffic and the promotion of advertisers. Advertisers pay publishers a commission in exchange leads and sales as a result of these promotions.

AssocTrac is an affiliate management solution that enables online businesses to start and run their own affiliate program. The program allows advertisers an easy way to mange thousands of affiliates. Most tasks are automated. Affiliates can have personalized admin pages. User-based cookies are used to give affiliates credit for future purchase. In addition, publishers can make money with a tiered- based program, which allows them to grow their affiliate programs more rapidly.

Kitguy Website offers visitors access to hundreds of do-it-yourself project kits and plans like dollhouses, desks, sailboats, etc. Instead of looking in the back of popular magazines for these kits ?V they all can now be found in one easy place. Kitguy uses affiliate programs link the visitor to manufactures?| kits, plan, and other products. According to Rosalik, ?§At KitGuy, I offer the core service - all kinds of information and links to all kinds of kit manufacturer website ?Vbundled with links to many related products and services like tools, supplies, home decorating, etc. If, for example, KitGuy can get over $6 - on the average - from one out of 100 visitors (?§visitor-to-sales conversion rate?¨) - then KitGuy can drive millions of visitors to the site at 5 cents per visit - or a cost of $5 per 100!?¨ (R. Rosalik, EBUS 520 lecture, January 23, 2006). and similar websites shows that affiliate marketing is significant as to how commerce occurs on the Internet. There are now many merchants who use affiliate marketing to grow their business. The e-business model shows that commerce is more than just transactions but visitor behavior.

Improvement StrategiesSometimes just adding a links to affiliates is not enough the generate revenue.

Other methods, such as the ones listed below, might be used to improve affiliate programs and generate additional revenue (?§Improving Affiliate Program Performance?¨, 2006).

1.Add additional links. Visitors need easy access to programs. Many times the link is only added to one page on the site. Increase the chance of visitors clicking on the link by making it more accessible. This strategy will improve the chance that the visitor will notice the link and click on it. The more the visitor sees the link, the more the visitor may take notice.

2.Target the audience. Success begins by ensuring the website is promoting services or products in tune with the visitors wants and interests. If visitors are not interested, it will be hard to promote the product. Affiliate programs promoted on the site should be in line with this strategy.

3.Make recommendations. Provide personal recommendations to improve affiliate program success rate. This will help visitors trust the site offerings give them confidence in the product or service. Feedback should be honest to ensure trust and may lead to customers making recommending website to friends which in turn will improve affiliate program success rate.

4.Banners ads. Adding descriptions of links and banners will improve the success of the affiliate program. This way customers know a little about the banner before they click it. Visitors see tons of advertising all the time on the Internet and adding a brief description may improve the chance that the visitor clicks on the banner.

5.Provide valuable information. Websites need a way to funnel visitors to affiliate programs. Add daily updates to the site, newsletters, interactive content, or add direct links to services or products into articles written for the site. This strategy will increase the odds visitors will utilize affiliate programs on the website.


Business models can be implemented in many ways. The business design must be constantly reevaluated to make sure it is in line with its customers?| priorities. Companies can do this by listening and evaluating the needs of its customers, establishing brand recognition and analyzing its e-business strategy.