English primary and secondary school classroom teaching char

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大家好今天給大家來一篇優秀的essay代寫范文- English primary and secondary school classroom teaching characteristics,供大家參考.英國是世界上最早實行班級授課制的國家之一,也是世界上最早實行班級授課制的國家之一。英國中小學課堂教學具有顯著的特點:雙軌教學組織,靈活多樣的教學方法,分層教學滲透德育教育,促進了我們教學活動中每個人的發展。下面一起來看看這篇文章吧!

<标题> Britain is one of the first countries in the world to implement the class-based teaching system. The classroom teaching of primary and secondary schools in Britain has prominent characteristics: dual-track teaching organization, flexible and diverse teaching methods, and stratified teaching that penetrates moral education and promotes the development of everyone in our teaching activities.

Britain is an economically developed countries, the British government, with its strong economic strength and stability of the economic development, with relatively perfect management system, achievement of today's UK based education, its distinctive education concept, education system, management strategies and education performance we are in the development of the basic education in many enlightenment, especially its unique classroom teaching to improve our teaching work, improve the quality of classroom teaching, has played a positive role in promoting.

<标题> Britain is one of the first countries in the world to implement class teaching system. In order to make up for the deficiency of the modern education system in terms of individual education, the teaching organization form of British primary and secondary schools always maintains two systems of classroom teaching and individual tutoring. This kind of double-track and parallel teaching organization not only gives full play to the advantages of class teaching system, but also overcomes its deficiency in teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and fully takes care of each child's individual needs and personality development.

Teachers in primary and secondary schools in the UK shall, from each semester, formulate the teaching plan for this semester according to the curriculum requirements, and implement the plan after obtaining the consent of the principal or the professional group leader. However, teachers seldom follow the teaching materials step by step. Instead, they flexibly choose teaching materials and design classroom teaching according to their own understanding of course requirements. Newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and radio and television are all sources of choice for teachers.

Education in the United Kingdom, it is very difficult to find a special moral education curriculum, moral education implementation of the main channel is permeated in the teaching of all subjects. The basic law of education in the UK clearly requires that any teaching must organically infiltrate moral education and civic quality education into the teaching of all subjects. Therefore, in order to reflect this idea, on the one hand, it fully embodies the principle of science and value in the compilation of British primary and secondary school textbooks, combines science education with humanities education, organically combines the teaching of natural knowledge and social knowledge with the infiltration of humanism and national consciousness, and pays attention to the cultivation of moral education and citizen quality. On the other hand, in teaching, teachers are required to excavate and explain the teaching content, which not only reflects the scientific concept and truth concept, but also reflects the value concept and humanistic spirit. Teachers are required to set an example in the teaching process, be a model for teachers, and teach students by words and deeds with their own personality.

The aim of education in the UK is to develop every student. For this reason, stratified teaching is widely implemented in British schools. They divided a small number of students in each grade into three groups: high, middle and low. According to the different abilities and knowledge levels of these students, teachers put forward different requirements for them, different teaching contents and even different textbooks. Each group has a full-time teacher, and sometimes a teacher with special needs, who helps children with behavioral or reading difficulties, usually one on one. Some schools have tutoring centers for students with learning difficulties in English and math. In their spare time, special teachers help students with learning difficulties. After tutoring, students can usually study with other students in half a month to one month.

<标题> China and the UK have very different social systems and cultural traditions, so education will have very different ideas and methods. There is difference, there is communication; only through exchanges can we learn from each other and learn from each other. From the characteristics of English classroom teaching, we can get the following enlightenment:

Primary and secondary schools in our country are mostly large classes, in the teaching practice teachers are difficult to take care of every student. This requires us to change the traditional classroom teaching organization form, truly for all students.

First of all, cooperative learning should be advocated. Promote the interaction and common development between teachers and students. The teacher wants to let the student learn the cooperation exchanges, carries on the independent thinking in the concrete operation activity, encourages the student to express own opinion. Teachers should provide appropriate help and guidance, be good at choosing valuable questions or opinions from students, and guide students to carry out discussions to find the answers to the questions.

Secondly, organize students to participate in practical activities. In the classroom teaching of primary and secondary schools, students should be closely linked to the actual life, the knowledge learned and the actual life, social practice, to solve some simple practical problems, to achieve the purpose of learning to use. At the same time, various teaching methods are adopted to make students like learning and realize that knowledge comes from life and life is inseparable from knowledge, so as to stimulate students' interest in learning and stimulate the source of thinking and creation. Therefore, in the process of teaching, teachers should consciously design and apply practical life problems related to concepts and principles, so that students can not only acquire perceptual knowledge from practice and deepen their understanding of the concepts and principles they have learned, but also apply the knowledge they have learned to solve practical problems. Let students experience the fun of learning in practice, so that every student is full of confidence in learning.

The aim of British primary and secondary schools is to put the development of students' personality in the first place. The workload of students is relatively light. Students have enough time to do the practical work they like. This point is very worthy of our reference. Nowadays, it is necessary to cultivate students' personality to promote the quality education. Therefore, in the process of classroom teaching, primary and secondary schools in our country should implement the subject status of students, attach importance to individual freedom and dignity, and emphasize the full and healthy development of students' personality.

It is an important part of moral education, the need to promote students' all-round development, characteristic development and sustainable development, the requirement of the new curriculum reform, and an important measure and action to implement the central government's opinions on further strengthening and improving the ideological and moral construction of minors. Therefore, teachers should first set up a conscious awareness, which is the fundamental premise; secondly, we should excavate the moral education factors in the teaching material carefully, and determine the infiltration content appropriately according to the students' reality. The third is in the process of infiltration to let nature take its course, avoid preaching, do moisten things silently.

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