Video Game: A New Educational Perspective

發布時間:2020-06-02 23:50


Have you ever imagined that video games can be a grade booster? No matter your answer is yes or not, I will tell you the answer is of course yes. For those who have trouble concentrating and learning in traditional classroom setting, video games now appear to have clear advantages.

First of all, playing video games makes players focus on the present materials voluntarily but not force students to participate. With the extra concentration, mastering class materials in a shorter time becomes possible.

Maybe one advantage is not enough to persuade schools to introduce video games into classrooms, here is another reason. Playing video games can create a positive competition relationship. It is known to us that everyone wants to be the best among all. When there is a score and a rank related to the game, it can immediately awaken the players’ competitive mindset. Instead of scanning class notes just once, players will read it over and over again until they get a desired score. Even though games are just introduced into the classrooms currently, they already have positive feedback.

<标题> A few years ago, the McMaster University professors introduced a new game called “Space Race” to their coding class. The purpose was to let the first year engineering students learn  coding in a new way. Surprisingly, the outcome was far better than what they had expected. The more detailed condition is that this “Space Race” program can be played on tablet and it is portable and far more attractive than notes, most students are willing to play this game for more than one time. It took the professors less time in class review, but students still got a higher average score than previous years. Even for those students who are weary of studying, getting the first place is strong motivation for them to open their textbooks.

Maximizing the efficiency while minimizing the amount of time needed in class is just one of the advantage of video games. However, there is still much more that have not been mentioned in the above. As long as a proper use and control of video games and their players can be guaranteed, playing video games will soon be encouraged to make students actually love their study. Now it is high time to alarm those who oppose video game education about the value behind it—games are popular and effective to be as a grade booster.