Operational risk management of financial investments

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下面為大家整理一篇優秀的essay代寫范文- Operational risk management of financial investments,供大家參考學習,這篇論文討論了金融投資的操作風險管理。金融投資的操作風險管由很多的因素引起,并且難以控制。金融投資的操作風險,一般發生的機率還是很大的,不僅僅是人為的操作失誤,還有不健全的程序、金融犯罪的發生以及技術上的缺陷等等。操作風險在金融領域尤其普遍,除了上述提高的人為因素、技術和不健全程序等等,金融公司對于整個行業市場把控的不確定性也會影響到企業的經濟收益,甚至造成巨大的損失。在金融行業對于操作風險的定義主要是外部的因素影響、技術的缺陷等導致的不可抗力的損失。


Financial institutions need to pay special attention to the operational risks of financial investment. Once operational risks are not controlled properly, enterprises are likely to suffer huge economic losses. Therefore, we must pay attention to the operational risk management of financial investment.

The operational risk of financial investment is caused by many factors and difficult to control. Risk exists in every industry, which represents the problem of the expectation of the future and the unmanageable uncertainties in the early stage, such as whether the revenue is the amount of the early budget, whether there is a debt crisis and so on, which may cause economic damage. The financial industry is more risky than other industries. There are usually two types of financial risk, one is market risk; The other is credit risk. So, financial risk management is very important, can be engaged in financial management are very professional, can through the scientific theory of testing and evaluation of possible financial risks, and find a reasonable way to solve the problem, adjust the profitability of financial investment and safety, make enterprise benefit maximization through various ways.

The so-called operational risk is caused by the operator's subjective error on one hand; Generally speaking, the probability of operation risk is still very large, not only human operation error, but also imperfect procedures, the occurrence of financial crimes and technical defects and so on. Operational risks are especially common in the financial field. In addition to the above-mentioned human factors, technologies and imperfect procedures, etc., the uncertainty of financial companies' market control over the whole industry will also affect the economic benefits of enterprises and even cause huge losses. In the financial industry, operational risk is mainly defined as the loss of force majeure caused by external factors and technical defects.

The main sources of financial risk are as follows: first, the settlement risk of operation; Mainly represents losses due to pricing, trading orders, etc. Second, technical risk; Technical risk is mainly due to technical limitations and defects caused by the problem of not receiving accurate information in a timely manner. Moreover, the risk of internal loss of control is mainly due to the failure to pay attention to the situation of exceeding the risk limit when conducting financial activities, and the possibility of losses caused by unauthorized transactions. The operational risk of financial investment is also difficult to define an event. In the process of financial activities, we must pay attention to avoid economic losses caused by the risks caused by operational errors.

As mentioned above, the operational risks of financial investment are divided into several categories, and the operational errors caused by each category should not be avoided.

Human operation error is caused by subjective factors. This kind of operation risk can be controlled and managed strictly. Such mistakes should be avoided. First of all, when conducting financial investment activities, should be strictly controlled and each steps, the enterprise of the related departments to the risk of human error cause enough attention, formulate detailed operational guidelines and investment plans, to ensure the whole process of investment can go according to rules and regulations, and increase the strength of the inspection, to ensure the safety of every line can be reliable, for human factors caused by operational risk reduce to the smallest degree. Another reason is that the risk of human operation is an important factor, the practitioners are not professional. The demand for talents in the financial industry is very great, because people engaged in financial related work must have high quality, good professional ethics and sense of responsibility to be competent, so, we must constantly recruit talents, in order to fundamentally reduce the economic losses caused by human operation risk.

With the improvement of China's financial market, the investment products of the financial industry are becoming more and more abundant. But the financial development also brings credit risk to the financial market. In the financial industry, credit risk mainly refers to the default risk caused by the failure of both parties to fulfill their obligations. In order to minimize the credit risk of financial investment, the most important measure is to improve the whole financial mechanism, improve laws and regulations, in order to fundamentally reduce the credit risk.

China's financial industry is relatively late progress, although, in China has been booming development, end is also very rapid, but also because the development time is relatively short, so, not as mature as some foreign developed countries. In China, many people engaged in the financial industry lack the management awareness of operational risks, nor do they have enough legal awareness, so the impact of operational risks in China's financial industry is very large. With the continuous development of the financial industry, there are more and more types of financial investment. In order to get more investors to invest in the financial industry, it is very dangerous to launch some high-risk products for people to buy. For example, in some commercial Banks, in order to increase the business volume of Banks, or even some unqualified third-party institutions to cooperate, increase the loan ratio of the industry, leading to the increase of non-performing loans in the market. All these are caused by insufficient understanding of operational risk management of financial investment, which must be controlled.

As mentioned above, the development of China's financial industry is relatively late, leading to immature market cognition; Also, in our country at present the operational risk management mechanism is not perfect, a lot of financial institutions, no attention to operational risk management, attitude is not correct, the lack of management experience also lead to a lot of superficial operation risk management and financial investment, made no real implementation, so the operation risk management did not play a proper role. Among them, it is mainly caused by the unprofessionalism of personnel. Many people engaged in operational risk management are only limited to the immediate interests and cannot see the benefits brought by long-term development. Therefore, many financial investment behaviors are too hasty without risk analysis in advance. In the long run, enterprises are bound to have many hidden dangers. Secondly, many financial institutions do not even have a special department for operational risk management, and there are no measures to remedy the risk when it comes. Some financial institutions have also set up operational risk management departments, but the financial management risks are completely ignored, and did not play the role of risk management departments. To sum up, many financial institutions in China are still ignorant of operational risks.

Although at present our country's financial industry has been rapid development, but not keep up with the corresponding financial investment management mechanism, the financial industry to continue the development of health have been affected, if also into development finance without attaches great importance to the construction and perfection of financial mechanism, will lead to more and more people into the financial sector do not have perfect laws and regulations and improve the mechanism of industry to regulate the behavior and the financial industry, eventually led to the chaos of wrongdoing. Therefore, in order to ensure the healthy and rapid development of China's financial investment, it is necessary to establish a sound management mechanism and risk management system.

One of the characteristics of financial investment operational risk is that many financial operational risks are caused by internal factors. Because many financial institutions did not pay enough attention to operational risk, so, there are a lot of loopholes did not close. First, the internal procedures are not updated to find vulnerabilities; Secondly, is engaged in financial investment personnel professional enough; Thirdly, the internal risk control system is not perfect; Finally, there are other external factors. To sum up, it can be seen from the analysis that there are many problems in China's financial investment operation risk control, which have the characteristics of endogenous.

There are many factors that can affect the operating return of financial investment, and it is not the traditional sense that the greater the risk, the greater the return. The financial industry should not only be affected by the changes in the market, but also be affected by the macro-economic regulation and control of the state. The tendency of national policy towards financial investment is obvious. The investment behavior runs counter to the adjustment and policies of the state, which will lead to great financial investment risks, not only investment failure, economic damage, and even serious enterprise bankruptcy.

As mentioned above, the main factors causing the operational risk of financial investment include human factors, technical factors, market factors, etc. There are too many factors affecting the operational risk of financial investment. Therefore, it is very difficult to control the operational risks of financial investment. Moreover, China's financial industry is in a period of rapid development, and many risks arise with the development. In addition, more and more financial investment products, each product may bring new operational risks. The operational risk management of financial investment is difficult to control.

Financial institutions must constantly recruit talent and cultivate available talent. At present, the staff of large departments engaged in financial investment operation risk management are not professional enough and lack professional quality; Therefore, enterprises are required to attach importance to personnel vocational training, improve employees' professional knowledge, conduct regular internal training, and constantly strengthen employees' cognition of operational risks of financial investment, so as to make them more aware of their job responsibilities in work. Only by constantly improving the ability of employees can we effectively avoid the operational risk of financial investment caused by human factors. Financial institutions should cooperate with the training and development of employees, provide good offices, carry out more financial knowledge lectures, vigorously promote the importance of financial investment operation risk management, and transfer the concept and consciousness of risk management to employees.

Set operational risk management objectives and do risk assessment, mainly for market risk. The operational risk management department of financial investment should establish a scope of risk management and formulate feasible and effective short-term goals. Then formulate corresponding management mechanism, guarantee the goal of risk management can be effective to achieve, and a detailed record of each data good financial investment activities, to develop into a convenient check table, every once in a while to pull out your data discussion, analysis and summary, in order to determine may cause operation risk factors, so that we can effectively test the operation risk management requirements, can also be used for analysis of provide a reference data of operational risks in financial investment, constantly accumulated and summarized in this paper. Finally, the main factors causing the operational risk of financial investment can be identified, and then the solution measures can be formulated. At the same time, at the beginning of financial investment behavior, it is necessary to constantly evaluate the potential risks, understand the probability of economic loss events, and achieve the purpose of effectively controlling operational risks of financial investment.

To sum up, operational risk management of financial investment is very important for the development of the entire financial industry. If financial institutions do not pay attention to operational risk management, their future development will certainly lay a lot of hidden dangers, which may cause huge economic losses and even affect the development of the entire financial investment. So in view of the current financial investment operation risk management problems put forward some measures, hoping to be conducive to the development of the financial industry.


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