The influence of painting on photography

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下面為大家整理一篇優秀的essay代寫范文- The influence of painting on photography,供大家參考學習,這篇論文討論了繪畫對攝影的影響。攝影和繪畫有諸多共性,都是用圖像表現主題,展示鮮活生動的現實生活,繪畫先于攝影記錄社會生活,必然有更多的內在規律可循,讓攝影自覺傳承繪畫創作傳統,有益于攝影家與藝術家的本質融合,有益于攝影事業和繪畫創造的對接,更是對攝影理論和實踐的豐富與伸展。從立意和內涵上、從構圖上借鑒繪畫特點,提升審美意識、攝影技藝,是一種有益的探索。

There were plenty of commonness, photography and painting are subject in image display vivid reality, painting before the photography record social life, there must be more intrinsic rules to follow, let photography consciously inheriting traditional painting creation, the essence of fusion are beneficial to the photographers and artists, are beneficial to the docking of photography and painting creation, is the theory and practice of the rich with stretching for photography. It is a beneficial exploration to learn from the characteristics of painting from conception, connotation and composition, and to improve the aesthetic consciousness and photography skills. The traditional Chinese painting, as one of the important category of painting, this article tries to discuss how to draw nutrition from painting, especially the traditional Chinese painting is photography services, as well as how to concrete application to the practice of photography, so as to realize innovation of photography, shooting out of work worthy of The Times.

"Chinese ancient paintings, ancient discovery and research on various sculpts, constantly proved and is proved that the visual communication activities to promote human civilization, the development of human society and prosperity has the significance of the".

The important presentation form of visual communication activity is image, and photography activity is the means to complete image. Photography from the painting development, after several years when the Chinese mozi found pinhole imaging principle, the French daguerre photography was invented in 1839, so not out points between painting and photography, draw nutrition from painting to photography service is necessary.

A good photographer must be a master of aesthetics and an artist who draws aesthetic nutrition. Throughout the photos taken by famous photographers at home and abroad, no matter they are news materials, artistic creation or life snapshot, they all have extraordinary charm and charm. One of the common factors is: the beauty of a picturesque poem, the impact of its surroundings, namely the beauty of composition, good perspective and prominent theme.

There were plenty of commonness, photography and painting are subject in image display vivid, real life and the painting before the photography record social life, there must be more intrinsic rules to follow, let photography consciously inheriting traditional painting creation, the essence of fusion are beneficial to the photographers and artists, are beneficial to the docking of photography and painting creation, is the theory and practice of the rich with stretching for photography. With his photography for many years practice, the author thinks that, a photographer, especially should draw lessons from traditional Chinese painting creation of aesthetic rule, the principle of composition and performance characteristics, with the conception of the layout of traditional Chinese painting, take a good work style.

Chinese painting mainly refers to the scroll paintings painted on silk and paper and framed. In modern times, it is called Chinese painting, or Chinese painting for short, to distinguish it from western imported oil paintings and other foreign paintings. It is a painting created by using the unique Chinese brush, ink and paint, in accordance with the long-standing expression and art rules. Photography is classified from the perspective of functions: news photography, documentary photography, advertising photography, art photography, etc.

Painting and photography is the category of the visual arts, photography and painting shows the viewer through complete image cognition of the eyes, with the same space, visual and static characteristics of art, and is the instant manifestation, their performance is typical of a particular environment instantly; By composition, the color of light and shade, color, dot, line, face, and other forms of expression of life, the three dimensional space through two-dimensional graphic display, the line is the most vivid part in all key elements of painting, color is the most rich emotional elements of the nature of painting.

The difference between painting and photography lies in that photography focuses on realism, represents "original ecology", and painting tends to be freehand and idealized. Photography is "add", "subtraction" painting photography which has nothing to do with the themes of cutting out as much as possible, drawing according to the subject need to be added, is a good picture of the latest white paper is the most beautiful pictures; Photography is done in an instant. Painting is a long time. Northern song dynasty immortal masterpiece drawn by mr.zhangzeduan.a famous painter innorthern pursues "on the qingming festival, is the priceless treasure in Chinese painting, street life by describing the vivid emersion the bian city of prosperity, there are all kinds of characters in" qingming scroll "1643 people, 208 head, everything, it is impossible to achieve by modern photography.

Traditional Chinese painting in subject can be divided into three categories - landscapes, figures, flowers, the performance style is divided into two types of fine brushwork and freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, the former is static wide-angle photography, dynamic with pats, close-up focus, the latter similar fine brushwork and freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting and photography of the achievement of the creative and post-production and snaps. When taking photos, there are also problems of classification and subject matter, such as news photos, art photos, life photos, etc. which are distinguished according to their USES. And industrial and agricultural themes, folk themes, natural scenery, etc. are classified according to the content of performance.

Traditional Chinese painting focuses more on creativity, brushwork and expression, and has made gratifying achievements, forming a theoretical system. In reality, the theory and practice of photography are obviously behind the formed Chinese painting.

The artistic conception of Chinese painting is the essence, which is a unique traditional aesthetic concept in Chinese art history. Like drawing some of the terminology "like as", "scene" of scene outside, cause of "rhyme", "between the lines", and as in the classical poetry of three conditions: my life one thing, the situation, three artistic conception, content in shape, situation about emotion, artistic conception is to use our common scene to describe modern. The idea of artistic conception, used in poetry,

Later used in painting, in poetry and painting have artistic conception for the most lyric works.

And the framework of photography in China, such as landscape photography, has been occupying very important position, with the traditional Chinese aesthetics and has a long history of traditional Chinese painting flowers and birds painting landscapes of a deep-seated inalienable relations, there is no denying that derived a today's China is a traditional Chinese painting landscape photography. Therefore, when we create and shoot image works, we should learn from the theories and concepts of Chinese traditional aesthetics and interpret the soul "artistic conception" of Chinese landscape photography from Chinese painting.

As one of the types of painting, Chinese painting and painting has been at the front and leadership in the world, its clever composition of a picture, bright colors, profound artistic conception has been affected by artists of the world's praise and favor. Hong Kong is famous photographers Chen Fuli "picture wall", in the "Chinese painting and landscape photography" the article thinks, photography does not draw lessons from the creation of Chinese painting methods will be a great loss. So, in reality, how can we draw lessons from the creation of Chinese painting and shoot satisfactory photographic works?

From conception and connotation, Chinese painting pays attention to the function of pleasing to the eye and nourishing the mood through the picture feeling. Photography works are the art of fighting eyeballs. In order to convey more abundant information through pictures, we should learn from the conception and connotation of Chinese paintings. Chinese painting expresses its theme through painting skills, just as photography expresses the author's feelings and thoughts through imaging. The connotation of Chinese painting is an interesting detail and element. Therefore, the traditional Chinese painting conception namely conception, the composition is made form, after the artist's thoughts and stroke, and photography, the theme of the picture form, with the scenery and the traditional Chinese painting creation highly fit. The difference between the two is that the former is more freehand, and the expression of the artistic conception is sometimes more important than the truth of the painting. The latter is in favor of realism, restricted by the environment and objective conditions, and needs to give play to the talent of composition and display the author's style on the basis of reality. For example, the performance of "long river falls into yen" can be completed in a few strokes by a painter. Can also be painting fine do, detailed characterization, add rich scene, make a colorful picture, that is to say, a picture of a successful painting can express the painter to paint when the habit of self feelings and accumulate over a long period. Photographer, however, more and more dependent on the natural environment, environmental in real complete theme, with the mood to match the scene, such as a picture of river sunset or even the same due to the different photographer different mood become two express feelings completely different works, may say is magnificent majestic, sad is also likely to express is the sunset. If use the painter's idea, the photographer's persistence to practice, then there is a big breakthrough. Such as with large color blocks, red, gold spots, water reflection, mountains. To express the theme, at this time, objectivity will become the setting for your creation. Photography will be integrated with painting. In the same way, the painter's creation comes from the reality of the lens, and the lens picture is the prototype of his creation. A painter who has no real sense of painting is not a good painter, and a photographer who is not creative is not a good photographer. Pay attention to three lessons from the composition, the traditional Chinese painting composition method far, black and white contrast, density, contend for opening and closing, such as theory, appropriate and photography exquisite gold line, symmetrical composition, weight, has a surprisingly similar, are in line with the characteristics of plane composition, can learn from each other.

"Mustard seed garden" map, the most important technique in the qing dynasty, is also the summary on the works of Chinese painting, he not only to the traditional painting techniques are summarized, and the drawing esthetics thought also has carried on the inheritance and innovation, and painting aesthetic education has had a profound influence on later generations.

In the landscape section of the painting spectrum of mustard seed garden, the methods of high, deep and even distance are analyzed respectively. "Profound, lofty and plain" can be regarded as the perspective of Chinese painting. This method is completely consistent with the perspective of photography, which can be understood as the pitch of wide-angle lens. Some of them have horizontal vision and shading, some have bird 's-eye view of aerial photography, and some have cross-section. Taken the natural scenery, especially large landscape, shooting Angle, is the traditional Chinese painting "deep cao bang three laws", it has been widely used in reality, tripod, cantilever, slippery course such as equipment, as well as when we shot the under standing, squatting, or high ticket reservation, are the three applications, is also the depth of field pattern of photography.

As for black and white contrast, it is the specific application of contrast, brightness and weight of photography, and it is the image optical effect. It is the effect of the picture and the aesthetic taste to match the proper density and opening and closing. It involves the pattern, style, white space and other details of photographic works. These, photographic works can be from the excellent classic Chinese painting, directly absorb nutrition.

In a word, whether painting or photography, many works become eternal classics, mostly accurate reproduction of the moment. A photographer is a master at framing moments. The ancients realized the vividness of the moment very early, and many painters' stories can be regarded as typical moments. The flowers, birds, fish, insects and animals depicted in Chinese paintings are all dynamic and lifelike, and the objects placed in a specific time and space are even more exquisite. No matter the scene in the picture, tea house, wine shop, butcher shop, temple, as well as the gestures, eyes and behaviors of the characters, they are all finely depicted. Or performance as Japan declared unconditional surrender, people taking to the streets to celebrate the victory, New York, a sailor in the celebrations in times square kissed by a female nurses, to commemorate the end of world war ii photographs "kiss of victory", notting have is not the eternal classic.

French photographer and painter henri cartier-bresson once said, "I think Chinese painting and photography have the same starting point. Photography - at least to me - captures that most important moment in a single exposure, as opposed to careful processing of realistic painting. For me, a camera is my picture book.

Like the northern song dynasty later the qingming festival on the painting "and he's American photographer Alfred eisen," kiss the victory ", pen with contemporary, painting with the contemporary, the lens with contemporary, documenting contemporary story, appreciate the contemporary artistic conception, is the inevitable choice of artists, is also the premise of creation. Drawing nutrition from painting and applying it to photography practice is the only way to improve photography skills, and also the only way to realize photography innovation.


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