The development mode of foreign bank insurance

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下面為大家整理一篇優秀的essay代寫范文- The development mode of foreign bank insurance,供大家參考學習,這篇論文討論了國外銀行保險的發展模式。國外銀行保險的模式主要有協議合作和股權合作模式,不同的模式間也有著分支模式。協議合作模式中的分銷協議以及戰略聯盟是重要的分支模式。分銷協議主要就是銀行和保險公司間最低成合作模式。而戰略聯盟的模式類型,就是保險公司和銀行進行長期的排他性協議簽訂方式,制定戰略達成聯盟。另外,銀行保險模式中的股權模式,有合作公司以及金融控股集團的模式類型。

Under the background of the development of the global economy, the products of the combination of banking products and insurance products and the penetration of banking and insurance businesses have emerged. The development mode of banking and insurance is also different from countries and regions.

Compared with the development time of China's bancassurance industry, the development time of foreign bancassurance industry is much longer, and various systems are also very perfect, forming a certain pattern. Through the exploration of the development mode of foreign bank insurance, the corresponding reference can be provided for the optimization of the development mode of China's bank insurance, which can be of positive reference significance, and also has a lot of benefits for promoting the development of China's bank insurance industry.

The generation of bank insurance is formed under the comprehensive of various factors, such as the market demand for bank insurance is relatively large, which promotes the generation of bank insurance. Since the 1980s, when the population was aging and the social pension system was facing great challenges, western countries encouraged private pension plans in order to cope with this problem, which helped the growth of the bancassurance industry. Then there is the people in the quality of life level unceasing enhancement, the increased demand for high-yield savings to ensure long-term financial products, and the traditional way of saving by comparison with larger gains, so attractive to people of relatively large, in order to meet the needs of market development, banking and insurance cooperation, thus created a bank insurance.

Moreover, the reason of bank insurance is also reflected in the continuous expansion of bank insurance supply. Development bank insurance not only have the needs of customers, at the same time, the bank insurance supply is very large, on the technology progress and the development of financial integration, the development of commercial Banks are facing challenges is big also, in order to survive in the fierce business environment, to timely adjust the business structure, to adopt diversified development strategy to improve profit growth point. Under the influence of the development trend of the aging population, the life insurance package and other investment products promised to report have developed rapidly and their profits have also increased rapidly. In this development situation, many businesses see high profits have joined the insurance industry.

In addition, the emergence of bancassurance is also due to the relaxation of financial regulation and the implementation of tax preferential policies, which promote the development of bancassurance and create a good environment for its survival, growth and development.

From the perspective of bancassurance model, the main models include agreement cooperation and equity cooperation, and different models also have branch models. In order to have the concrete understanding to the bank insurance model, carries on the elaboration to several models in detail.

The distribution agreement and the strategic alliance are the important branch models. The distribution agreement is the lowest cooperation mode between the bank and the insurance company. It adopts the way of signing the principal-agent agreement and provides insurance services for the insurance company to sell insurance products through its own unique channel advantages and authority advantages. Insurance companies, on the other hand, need to be able to combine industry standards or agreements with Banks to pay bank fees. Through this cooperation model, Banks and insurance companies do not have capital cooperation, and Banks charge fees, so it is easy to operate. This model is relatively loose, and it is an unstable short-term cooperation relationship. And type of strategic alliance mode, is the insurance companies and Banks make long-term way of exclusivity agreement has been signed, strategic alliance, the two sides in the bank insurance cooperation, product sales level on product development and customer resource sharing and cooperation, has a unified product development and customer service standards, this pattern relatively stable cooperation.

In the bancassurance mode, there are cooperative companies and financial holding groups. The former is mainly a joint venture between the bank and the insurance company. There are several important elements of common ownership and control, Shared benefits and risks. On the other hand, it is the mode of financial holding group, which is established by the way of merger and acquisition between insurance companies and Banks as well as the initiation and establishment of subsidiaries, thus forming a perfect integrated development mode of financial products supermarket.

Foreign bank insurance development mode is combined with different development modes in different regions. For example, European bank insurance development mode, as the birthplace of bank insurance, has become the most developed bank insurance region in the long-term development process. Among them, the development mode of French bancassurance is the earliest and the most developed bancassurance country in the world. French bank insurance premium income accounts for more than sixty percent of the life insurance market share, the French bank insurance pattern is development, adopt the way of a commission in the banking law promulgated after the 1980 s, started on the pattern of innovation, there are corresponding regulations, French Banks can create branches of an insurance company, can provide corresponding customer documents for holding life insurance subsidiary. This removes the obstacle to the further development of bank insurance business. In the UK, there are three main development models of bancassurance. One is the model of cooperative agreement, which started to enter the insurance field through distribution agreement in the 1980s. Then as the development through acquisition and merger of the development model. And through the growth model of new companies. In addition, the development of German bank-insurance model mainly adopts the development model of universal banking system, in which Banks and insurance companies can hold each other to form financial groups.

In terms of the development model of bancassurance in the United States, there is not much cooperation between Banks and insurance companies. American Banks mainly focus on the distribution of bancassurance products, and do not turn their attention to other important areas. Joint ventures with insurance agencies and structured sales alliances are also commonly used. After the promulgation of the bank holding company law, the financial empty drum company has become the main mode of the development of bank insurance in the United States.

Due to the relatively late start, the development mode of bank and insurance in Asian countries still lags far behind that of European countries, but the development speed is relatively fast. Among them, Singapore and Hong Kong are countries and regions with relatively open banking and insurance markets of sub-species. They have different business models of banking and insurance, mainly in the form of distribution agreement and strategic alliance. In terms of the development mode of bancassurance, Japan is in the forefront. It not only USES the comprehensive agency cooperation mode, but also has joint ventures.

From the perspective of the development environment of foreign bank insurance, it is also relatively complex. From the perspective of the legal environment, it is greatly affected by the regulations. Laws and regulations are mandatory for the development mode of bank insurance. Each country has different influence on the development of bank insurance in terms of laws and regulations. For example, French Banks do not limit their investment in the insurance industry, but implement it through subsidiaries. The establishment of insurance companies by Banks is idle. For example, in Spain, Banks' investment in the insurance industry is allowed, Banks' establishment of insurance companies is allowed, Banks' sale of insurance products is idle, and Banks' production of insurance products is prohibited. Every country in the world has its own degree of relaxed regulation on bank insurance. Countries in Europe and America are relatively relaxed on bank insurance regulation, and many countries have established their own integrated complex of bank insurance. However, many countries in Asia have relatively strict laws on bank insurance and relatively strict regulations.

In terms of the financial development environment of foreign bank insurance, the low interest rate environment in Europe reduces the return on savings, and picc life insurance has become an important desire of people, which is relatively common in France and Britain. The insurance industry in the United States is mostly through direct sales, so it rarely develops itself through banking channels, which will have a corresponding impact on the proportion of financial products sold, so the proportion is not high. There is a big gap between the development of American bank and European financial giants. Then there is the effect of a two-tier regulatory system, in which the federal and state governments are not affiliated, which prevents Banks from setting up branches across state lines.

The enlightenment brought by the development mode of foreign Banks and insurance is also relatively bright, which is mainly reflected in the great influence of regulations, financial and policy environment on it. The development of bank insurance in France is closely related to tax preferential policies and official support for bank insurance. A more advanced model for Banks in Europe and Asia is also closely linked to the removal of restrictions on certain areas of banking and insurance. Therefore, the insurance development model of the bank is closely related to the country's finance, regulations and preferential tax policies.

In addition, the development mode of foreign Banks and bank insurance is not unified. Different development modes are adopted according to the development needs of their own countries. For example, French bancassurance is mainly operated by insurance subsidiaries affiliated to banking groups, German banking model is all-powerful, and American banking model is financial holding company. Say the development mode of bank insurance of each country is different so have each ages, it is to use unified mode certainly not, want to be able to adapt the development of native country only can.

In a word, the diversified development of foreign bancassurance development mode also has a lot of reference significance for the development of China's bancassurance industry, which needs to be considered from various aspects to optimize the development mode of China's bancassurance industry, so as to improve the quality of development on the whole. The above theoretical research on the development model of foreign bank insurance can further deepen the understanding of it theoretically.


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