Consumer finance in the Internet environment

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下面為大家整理一篇優秀的essay代寫范文- Consumer finance in the Internet environment,供大家參考學習,這篇論文討論了互聯網環境下的消費金融。互聯網背景下,消費金融市場的主要發展趨勢體現在市場格局的變化,互聯網消費金融企業正在市場中占據愈加重要的地位,而且互聯網消費金融企業的優勢在于,其覆蓋范圍非常廣泛,涉及多個不同的等級以及不同網絡區域的用戶,這在一定程度上改善了,以往模式下不同地區以及城鄉之間在消費金融領域發展不平衡的問題。另外,消費金融市場主體也在向多元化的方向發展。

The combination of financial market and Internet makes consumer finance face transformation and upgrading, which makes the financial market more suitable for people's current needs, stimulates market consumption, and plays a positive role in the unstable state of economic growth. For the government, a level to encourage consumer finance further upgrade, promote the development of financial markets, another level for the future situation of financial markets to control should also be cautious, for traditional financial institutions, to support its combination with the Internet, so as to create a new development concept, to promote the sustainable development of economy.

The continuous development of consumer financial market not only stimulates consumers' purchase desire, but also plays a certain role in promoting the stability of economic development. From the perspective of government departments, the government is gradually increasing support for the development of consumer financial market. From the perspective of commercial Banks, limited by capital cost, their customer service scope is difficult to further expand. Compared with commercial Banks, other financial entities have lower influence. Under the background of the Internet era, the traditional consumer financial market, no matter from the development concept or development model, has ushered in unprecedented changes, and the communication and cooperation with the Internet is increasingly close.

With the continuous and in-depth development of the Internet, the scale of the Internet platform continues to expand, while consumer finance gradually emerges in these scenarios and achieves continuous development relying on the Internet platform. At the same time, the innovative mode of installment credit consumption continues to appear, and the target user group is also constantly expanding, from high-income people to new workers, blue-collar workers, college students and other groups, the size of these user groups, and the purchasing power is constantly increasing, making the installment credit consumption has a bright future. This kind of small amount, high frequency consumption scene to obtain consumer groups chase after. At the same time, the consumer finance involved in the field is also gradually expanded, and gradually fit the daily needs of the public. In the field of daily consumption, 3C products, medical care, decoration and digital products also appear in the form of installment credit consumption, which to a large extent solves the mismatch between personal income and consumption expenditure. The essence of this kind of installment credit consumption is actually a way to exchange goods with personal credit. When the existing funds of consumers are unable to pay the current consumption needs, they will overdraw consumption by relying on the credit assessed by various platforms, which promotes the future capital consumption of consumers. For merchants, this model drives the sales of products, and to a certain extent encourages the formation of consumer psychology of using credit mortgage to use before paying, which brings great profits to the seller, and ensures that there is enough capital to carry out daily operations, and the profit of the seller is considerable.

With the rapid development of the society driven by the Internet, the emergence of consumer finance undoubtedly brings new consumption channels to consumers, thus consumer finance continues to make contributions to China's economic growth. According to the analysis of the data provided by the People's Bank of China, the scale of consumer finance in China has experienced two large increases since 2008, and the scale has been expanding continuously. In 2015, consumer credit reached 4.9 trillion yuan, an increase of 50% over the previous year. In other years during this period, the average annual growth rate was over 39%. By the end of 2017, consumer credit had reached 9.5 trillion yuan. The increasing amount of consumer credit makes China's economic development more and more rapid, and the proportion of consumer finance in China's economy is also increasing. At the same time, it can be seen that the development of consumer finance is closely related to China's economic development.

China's traditional financial institutions are mainly consumer finance companies and commercial Banks. The general customer group of commercial Banks is aimed at the high-income group, adapted to the one-to-one service model. And under the age of the Internet, the traditional financial institutions in our country's product and the service mode is no longer suitable for now, so the traditional way of financial services should also change accordingly, combines commercial Banks and consumer finance companies and the Internet, constantly updated new form of financing, through the constant collision finally reached in the true sense of integration development. Financial services on the Internet platform target groups from offline to online, and the funds involved are correspondingly reduced to ensure the safety of both parties.

Compared with commercial Banks, the amount of credit provided by Internet finance is small, and some high-priced credit services can only be provided by commercial Banks, so the impact is small. And in contrast, the relevant financial institutions, the establishment of the Internet platform enables users from offline to online, so will the traditional consumption user groups of financial institutions have a significant impact, in the long run, only in the consumption of traditional financial institutions deepening the application of the Internet, to constantly explore the operation mode of the financial institutions, so as to realize the Internet under the background of the transformation and upgrading of the traditional financial institutions.

Internet background, big data is also rapid development, the processing of data is particularly important in the field of consumer finance, Internet and financial institutions will be the result of the user population scale, so the user data processing software of finance also need to be upgraded, and constantly enlarge the dimension of data collection and processing, thus to all-round understanding of users, according to user's demand and consumption habits develop to meet the requirements of the financial products, merchants can also serves as a reference, tailored for the user consumption. Credit rating for the users, under the condition of big data become more simple, can be the platform of information exchange, for users for further analysis of financial data, get the customer's personal credit information and funds, the user's browsing history can also be Shared, can by browsing records that the user's preferences, realize timely delivery of goods, for the seller, the product promotion, for the buyer, can get needed information in a timely manner.

The popularization of mobile payment for the consumption of people more convenient, at the same time, the way of payment, pay treasure, WeChat Lucky Money and Banks of all sorts of way such as online banking are emerge in endlessly, mobile payment compared with the traditional method of payment, the most prominent is the advantages of strong mobility, not restricted by time and place can be done at any time. According to the survey data, users' utilization rate of cash is gradually decreasing, and with the continuous development and innovation of the Internet, the efficiency of mobile payment is constantly improved.

Development of Internet technology, the financial industry to bring opportunities in aeriform in also increase the financial risk, and the easiest to draw attention to problems in the financial industry is the existing risk, under the environment of Internet user population increase sharply, the user assumes the exponential growth of data and information, make it difficult to the analysis of user management, and with the changing of market environment, the corresponding risk control also want to improve, to ensure the development of the enterprise. In recent years, the application of high and new technology development in financial field, the application of artificial intelligence also simplifies many processes in the current financial industry, and in the risk prediction and management, can use big data and information technology to forecast risk, the continuous optimization model of the application, in order to better improve the purpose of the model, realize the precise analysis of the business. In the user credit evaluation mechanism, the application of intelligent technology makes the analysis results more accurate.

Under the Internet environment, information technology, just enter the financial sector, there are a lot of problems, at the same time expanding the scale of the Internet financial, at this time requires the corresponding laws and regulations, to ensure smooth of the whole industry environment, laws before the need to review of market environment in detail, at the same time are taken into account for the problem of possible risks, targeted for different objects of different strategies. At the same time, the information security of consumers should also be fully considered. While providing trust to users, it can also make the construction of users' credit system more perfect, and both sides can jointly establish a harmonious financial consumption environment.

With the improvement of the economic level, consumer demand is becoming increasingly diversified, consumer financial enterprises also focus on providing personalized services for customers. In this situation, the traditional financial institutions in the process of operation and development, also increased the application of network information technology. And the use of the Internet to expand channels, innovative models, and then gradually improve their own product innovation ability and business service ability. In addition, based on the evaluation between costs and benefits, commercial Banks set their customer groups as high-income groups, which can not only reduce the competitive pressure from the Internet financial consumption platform, but also promote the development of consumer finance to a wider range and further expand the scale of consumer finance market.

The emergence of the Internet financial, makes consumer groups expanded rapidly, all levels of different financial demand can be a certain degree of satisfaction, but consumption credit line still have not reached a complete coverage of all levels, under the environment of the Internet is becoming more and more mature, the development of big data will continue to drive the emerging consumption way, people will slowly with the idea of the network consumer debt, people's consumption patterns will also be extended to a large extent, the various financial institutions have to do is according to consumer demand constantly improve and expand its own consumer credit mechanism, to meet the market demand.

Under the background of the Internet, the main trends of development of consumer financial market is reflected in the change of the market pattern, the Internet consumer finance companies are more and more important role in the market, and the advantage of the Internet consumer finance companies is that its range is very wide, involves a number of different levels and different network area of the user, this improved to some extent, in the past mode in different regions and between urban and rural areas the problem of unbalanced development in the field of consumer finance. In addition, consumer finance market main body in the direction of the diversified development, compared with the traditional mode, the commercial Banks, consumer finance companies and auto finance companies has a major consumer finance market, Internet mode to the rising number of market main body, consumer finance companies can get to the vast amounts of information from the Internet, the product type innovation speed is accelerated, and in areas such as investment, financing and loan, will be more and more important role.

Nowadays, the development of the Internet has brought about a new form of payment for online financing, which has greatly improved the financial efficiency. Compared with the traditional financial way, this kind of Internet finance is more convenient and fast, which rapidly accumulates customer groups and impacts the traditional financial way. According to the current situation, this paper studies the development status of consumer finance in the Internet environment, expounds the role and significance of consumer finance, summarizes the characteristics of consumer finance in the Internet background, and finally predicts the trend of consumer finance in the Internet through my own understanding. According to this article research results, the trend of the development of consumer financial market mainly in large electric business enterprise to join, as well as the traditional consumer finance informationization development, and under the background of the Internet, the changes in consumer finance market pattern, continue to expand the size of the market also has a faster pace, economic development play a positive role to our country.


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