The digital media art

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下面為大家整理一篇優秀的essay代寫范文- The digital media art,供大家參考學習,這篇論文討論了數字媒體藝術。如今,數字媒體藝術突破了傳統的藝術展示方式,對藝術的創作提出了多重可能,同時豐富了藝術家的創作過程,通過改變藝術創作的各方面內容,使用電子設備以及互聯網技術,將整體的藝術創作與新時期的要求進行緊密的結合,更加符合人們對藝術作品欣賞獲取方式的要求,使得社會的整體藝術水平得到進一步的提升。

With the advent of the network era, every aspect of production and life can be displayed with the help of the computer platform. In the process of the development of digital media, digital media art, a new form of art exhibition, is produced, which complements the defects in the traditional art exhibition form, makes the art exhibition mode more diversified, and forms an impact on the traditional art exhibition form.

Digital media art is the use of computer and other electronic technology equipment, combined with Internet technology, break through the traditional manual display way, using audio, video and various image display way to display the art content. Compared with traditional art exhibition, digital media art is more convenient to operate and conforms to the requirements of The Times. It can be widely used in various industries in real life and can spread digital media art from multiple aspects. Digital media art can better attract the attention of the audience and bring better social and economic benefits.

Aesthetic characteristics refers to the people in the process of social practice, through the study of the realization of human nature, the external things and true characteristics organically, make the person's life emotions have a certain degree of satisfaction, and can make the person's mood more cheerful, make people use a variety of life phenomenon of the phenomenon. At the same time, aesthetics also requires that objective things should conform to the actual needs of social phenomena and be separated from the reality of life. Therefore, they have a certain iconicity and intellectuality, and can truly reflect people's expectations and aspirations and unify them in terms of content and form. The characteristics of new aesthetics are the art form of digital media processing and further development on the basis of traditional aesthetics.

In the process of the development of digital media art, people develop digital media art in various forms by supplementing the traditional aesthetic concept at a deeper level and the connotation of art language. Because digital media art often needs to be applied to multiple aspects of the content in the display, need to organically integrate natural science and humanities, in the establishment of its own aesthetic characteristics, the application of various knowledge, so it has a certain multimedia nature. As digital media art often needs to apply a lot of cultural knowledge in the process of constructing its own aesthetic characteristics, it also needs the support of relevant digital network technology. First of all, digital media art is a multimedia technology based on digital technology and network technology. Through the application of these technologies and knowledge, animation, image and other art exhibition forms can be finally developed. Secondly, digital media art breaks through the traditional form of artistic expression, combines the relevant contents of various fields, solves the single problem of artistic works in the form of exhibition, expands the creation space of works, and further enriches and develops the form of artistic performance. Therefore, compared with the traditional way of art exhibition, it can be found that the use of digital media art can break through the limitations of previous art forms, and make cooperative use of multiple disciplines and comprehended knowledge, so that the artistic momentum of digital media is more vigorous. Finally, the digital media art and the modelling of the overall understanding of the essence of art is breakthrough the limitation of the traditional art, from a new aspect of the interpretation of digital media art, no longer will be limited on the image of expression of art, more is through the inner culture art supplement, to show more in line with the aesthetic and artistic works of art, try to pursue more rich artistic expression form of art development trend.

Art comes from life and feeds back into it. In the development of digital media art, the use of various scientific and technological devices can show more charm to people and attract them to participate in the process of appreciating and creating art. At the same time, in addition to giving full play to its appreciation value, digital media art has also cultivated an artistic atmosphere more in line with the unified appreciation level of the public, making the artistic characteristics of digital media art show more civilian characteristics. In the process of the formation and development of each kind of art work, it takes a long time to exercise and operate. Therefore, when viewing works of art, the public often find the formation of works of art very complicated and difficult for ordinary people to achieve. However, with the development of digital media art and the application of various scientific and technological devices, the process of spreading works of art has become universal, which can help people to continuously learn to imitate and form a certain degree of works of art after learning. It is the application of such a technology that makes art more popular. Therefore, digital media art has popular aesthetic characteristics.

In the process of digital media art creation and dissemination, the relevant digital technology equipment put forward strict technical requirements. Not only requires the actual technology of scientific and technological equipment to conform to the design and re-application, but also requires the limited application of a variety of traditional disciplines such as neo-confucianism and ergonomics, so as to achieve the organic integration of traditional theory and modern science and technology, forming a collision in the application of art works in the new period, to play a different effect. Such a combination of other technologies to create works of art more in line with the aesthetic needs of the public, can meet the level of visual effects and cultural connotation of the public different aesthetic needs. In the real life to create the virtual space and time the creation of the environment, the artist can reality situation in such a collision culture transformation through the change of time and space integration, integration of a variety of factors of art, can bring people into the artist's world, understand the artist's emotion, in a virtual state for viewing. People can meet their psychological needs and realize their dreams through the works created by artists in a virtual state. They can also break through the limitations of time and space in real life and achieve the purpose of traveling through time and space to help people further meet their development needs.

Of the interactive digital media art aesthetic characteristics, mainly through the works of art to artists and appreciate the art of effective public links, mass can be in the process of to appreciate art through its own affection and artwork is the inspiration behind the resonate, realize the emotional interaction, and also can through the way of communication to build out in line with the emotional needs of artistic atmosphere, help both sides to better emotional interaction. Moreover, in the process of activities with artists and works of art, the public can not only communicate and interact emotionally, but also develop emotionally from multiple levels, aspects, time and space. The process of emotional communication with art works and artists is actually a kind of art, which can give full play to the aesthetic features of digital media art. At the same time, because of the wide application of Internet technology, people only need a phone that even on the network, can work to supplement modified, through the network platform of the contact and appreciate the link, to understand and meet the demand of the group, make the art work is not just the artist's thinking, and can also meet the watch the new demand of the masses, to be able to put more meaning and connotation of works of art, and further enrich the art works. In this process, the public interacts with artists on their works of art through the Internet, and analyzes their understanding of the works of art, so as to form an effective interaction between artists, artworks and viewers. Such an interactive new aesthetic feature can help artists get more inspiration and meet the emotional needs of the masses in their creation. Meanwhile, the masses can also learn about relevant digital media art more conveniently and help people further improve their artistic level.

Influenced by traditional concepts, people tend to think that there are certain commonalities in art works, and the image of art works is often accessible and felt, which is the material in the reality and has materiality. However, digital media art breaks through the traditional way of art exhibition and transforms the way of art exhibition through multimedia equipment. The influence of art works is no longer specific material, but can be displayed from human visual, auditory and other organs. Digital media can be used for transcoding analysis of works of art, which further deals with the problem that works of art can only be created through specific materials. As works of art creation tools, electronic equipment can create virtual art form, show the art of non-material cultural phenomenon, can let the artist's creative understanding from the real life of the electronic equipment to the virtual organization to shift, make the artist's creation the whole in a nonphysical state, can be more automated and digital art creation, breakthrough the traditional way of artistic creation and display, the audience comprehension ability get further development of art, which is in the new digital media art aesthetic characteristics of the features that are characteristic of non-material.

Through the new digital media art aesthetic characteristics analysis can be found that digital media art broke through the traditional way of art show, puts forward multiple possible on art creation, enrich the artist's creative process at the same time, by changing the various aspects of artistic creation, the use of electronic devices and the Internet technology, the overall artistic creation with the combination of the requirements in the new period closely, more accord with the requirement of people for art appreciation of access, making the art level of society further ascension, at the same time, also can promote the further development of art, making art to serve the people better.


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