The effect of dance on personality

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下面為大家整理一篇優秀的essay代寫范文- The effect of dance on personality,供大家參考學習,這篇論文討論了舞蹈對人格的影響。舞蹈教育在人格的心理特征和品德形成方面具有重要作用,舞蹈有助于促進人格的態度特征、意志特征、情感特征和理智特征的形成與發展。舞蹈藝術的終極目標是追求高尚的人格形象、高雅的生活情操和完美的精神世界。

Dance has a long history, and its growth has coincided with the beginning of human labor. Dance is inseparable from the participation and cooperation of literature, art and music, and is the crystallization of human culture and art. After a long time of refinement and organization, dance has gradually formed its own unique style, through which people express and reflect their inner feelings and social life. The beauty and artistic attraction of dance is the perfect interpretation accompanied by movements, music rhythm and facial expressions. Dance can not only provide people with enjoyment and entertainment, but also play a role in education. The introduction of dance education into quality education makes the form of teaching more colorful and plays a very important and extensive positive role in cultivating and improving students' comprehensive quality.

Although dance developed early, its integration into the education industry was relatively slow. For a long time, dance training and education in China is limited to professional dance colleges and some art colleges. However, in the traditional basic education of students, dance education has not been fully valued. In the basic education, dance education occupies a very limited proportion, which also makes dance teaching to a certain extent away from quality education, in the basic education stage, most students have not received professional dance training.

Due to the heavy pressure of study and promotion, many students focus on academic studies. At the same time, due to the limitations and constraints of the traditional cramming teaching model, students are hard to free from the academic burden, very tired, lack of flexible learning skills and rest space, students are not interested in learning, learning weariness and rebellious psychology. Heavy study pressure, many students study late, do not pay attention to exercise and pay attention to their health, coupled with bad eating habits, resulting in students in sub-health state. Many students feel very tired and depressed, inner contradictions and depression is difficult to release.

In the face of the above situation, the school can properly set dance courses to provide students with time and space to release pressure, so that students can not only exercise their bodies and release their emotions, but also improve their cognition, enhance their self-confidence, cultivate and improve their comprehensive quality, and achieve comprehensive and comprehensive development.

Human health includes two aspects -- physical health and mental health. For contemporary primary and secondary school students, to maintain health and pleasure not only physical health, but also mental health, mental health is the pillar of physical health. The purpose of dance education is to cultivate and develop students' aesthetic ability, imagination and creative ability, so as to mobilize students' spiritual strength and physical strength. Dance can relieve and eliminate students' psychological depression, personality restraint and rigid thinking, but also can regulate anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, mental decline and other mental health leading to the highest incidence of a series of problems. Therefore, we should advocate and promote dance education, so as to promote the comprehensive implementation of quality education.

According to the survey results, the long-term dance students' ocd, depression, anxiety, hostility, fear, paranoia, psychosis and interpersonal sensitivity were lower on average than the normal students.

Learning dance helps to strengthen students' ability of "love". Dance is good at expressing emotion and is known as the best "expression" teaching in art. No matter in routine training, stage performance or appreciation of works, dance can convey and obtain emotional elements, such as joy, sadness or anger, so as to achieve emotional communication. Love is a kind of emotional communication ability, especially from infancy to adolescence, the perception, understanding and expression of love will directly affect the formation of their personality and outlook.

Learning dance can effectively improve students' enthusiasm for group activities. The learning environment of dance is different from that of vocal music and instrumental music. In order to achieve the ideal training goal, a dance classroom must be large enough and needs to cooperate with other students. Ordinary dance training institutions, is a rare one-on-one small-class teaching, dancing group teaching way more, in the teaching process, according to the needs of different actions, and the people around you keep different types of formation, and the distance, the training environment and mode so that the students should not only focus on their own performance, more attention to the people around you, in order to achieve the ideal effect of dance.

Learning dance helps to train students' will and perseverance. Dance training, especially in basic training is very boring and difficult, for the purpose of the primary and middle school students courses in art and purpose is not to cultivate professional dance talent, but the heart of life is to have the love of beauty, standing on stage everyone will try our best to look their best side, in order to show the ideal state of dance, will use their spare time to practice and running-in, this is also a very hard process, so as to develop students indomitable will and perseverance.

Dance education plays an important role in the formation of personality's psychological characteristics and moral character. Dance helps to promote the formation and development of personality's attitude characteristics, will characteristics, emotional characteristics and intellectual characteristics. The ultimate goal of dance art is to pursue noble personality image, elegant life sentiment and perfect spiritual world.


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