Please stop rainforest destruction

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下面為大家整理一篇優秀的essay代寫范文-SPlease stop rainforest destruction。本文講述雨林是人類最重要的資源和最寶貴的自然棲息地。我們可以從雨林中受益。例如,木材,肉類,毒品,礦產,土地等。雨林還可以調節地球上的氣候。但是,人們總是希望獲得這種短期收益,因此他們不斷開發雨林資源。甚至有時,他們忽略了保護雨林的重要性,并給雨林造成了一些不可挽回的損失。本文將討論是否需要停止破壞雨林。在本文中,將分析為何雨林覆蓋率下降以及為什么需要保存雨林的幾個原因,從而得出結論,必須停止破壞雨林。

Please stop rainforest destruction


I. Introduction

<标题> II. Body

A. Reason of destruction

B. Reason of stop the destruction of rainforest

<标题> III. Conclusion


Rain-forest is the most important resource of human life and the most precious natural habitats. We can get many benefit from the rain-forest. For example, wood, meat, drugs, minerals,land and so on. The rainforest also can adjust the climate on the earth. However, people always want to get this short term gains, so they continuously develop the rainforest resource. Even sometimes, they ignore the importance of protecting the rainforest and make some irrecoverable losses of the rainforest. This essay will talk about whether the rainforest destruction need to stop or not. In this essay several reasons why the coverage of rainforest decreasing and why the rainforest needs to be saved will be analyzed to conclude that the destruction of rainforest need to be stoped.

II) Body

<标题> A)Reason of destruction

<标题> We all know that the living necessity and activity of Human being just like the reading material said, “forests are felled, land is cleared, grass is planted, cheap beef is produced and customer demand is satisfied”, which means the human use many materials or recourse from the rainforest because they need wood and timber to build,to make fire and to do what the human being can make. For example, Hamburgers are popular in Third World countries and rainforest is one of the biggest sources for fast food industry to obtain benefits. People also build highway to transport and sell the forest product. since the increasing of Human population, more and more people need the house to living which means they need more land, so many companies destroy the rainforest to make more land to build the house in order to make more money by selling the house etc.

<标题> Certainly, besides the human destruction, the natural disaster of forest fire which is also the irresistible reasons for us to control.

All in all, many people destroy the rainforest in order to gain the interests which is the short-term gains, they never realize the diaster when they using the resource continuously and endlessly.

B) Reason of stop the destruction of rainforest

The rainforest is the significant resource to contain the environment of the global,it can transform carbon dioxide into oxygen to retard the global warming to change the climate, providing home for animals and save the source of medicines which 70% of the plant-based material is cancer drugs.

Therefore, if the human abuse of the rainforest resources, the human will face more challenge to live in the future which means the climate change would occur; people will suffer from floods and droughts. Maybe it will bring some worst consequences which we cannot imagine at present.

<标题> In order to avoid all these disaster in the future which we will face, we should stop the destruction of the rainforest and use the rainforest resource reasonably.We should not only use the resource of rainforest but also should protect the rainforest

III) Conclusion 

The rainforest are very important for either natural environment or human living condition. The destruction has to be stoped and the rainforest need to be saved.

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