Precautions for environmental protection

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下面ESSAYLW教員組為大家整理一篇優秀的代寫范文- History and Significance of Chinese Commercial Law,供大家參考學習。這篇文章講述的是在古代中國,商人的社會階級和法律地位相對較低,因為商業發展的社會環境不成熟,缺乏商業信用體系的支持。就商法而言,公共法占據了主要地位,這意味著政府對市場,商品和商人實行嚴格的管理制度。在清末民國時期,中國出現了具有現代意義的商法,商法,法規和章程。民國初期,民法和民法分開,1929年晚些時候,民法和商法相結合。

Precautions for environmental protection

In ancient China, the social class and legal status of businessmen have been relatively low with the immature social environment for business development and the lack of commercial credit system support. In terms of the commercial law, the pubilc law has occupied the main position, which means the government's strict management system on markets, commodities and businessmen. During the late Qing Dynasty and the period of Republic of China (ROC), the commercial law, commercial code, regulations and articles of association in the modern sense appeared in China. In early ROC, civil and commercial legislation was separated and later in 1929 the civil and commercial integrated legislation was implemented.

<标题> After the founding of People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1949, the long-term planned economy led to the absence of commercial legislation and all business activities of the enterprises without independent main body status were subject to government planning until the report of the 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the establishment of the socialist market economy system in 1992. With the establishment of the market economy system and the reform of the enterprise system of our country, the status of the commercial main bodies such as the commercial enterprises, commercial banks, insurance companies and securities companies have been identified by the commercial law of our country (Chen, 2008, p.45). After 1992, commercial law entered the initial stage of full revival. In terms of the legislative system, a series of commercial separate laws such as the Company Law in July 1994, Insurance Law in May 1995 and the Securities Act in December 1998 have been promulgated and adopted. As time passed by, many old laws have been revised and many new laws have been enacted according to the new conditions and circumstances of Chinese economy and society. For example, Company Law has been revised several times respectively in 1999, 2004 and 2005. Company Law revised in 2005 more suited to the needs of the market economy, abolished the joint-stock company establishment approval system, reduced the mandatory norms and highlighted with the spirit of reflecting the encouragement of investment, simplifying the process and improving the efficiency. And the current version of Company Law revised in 2013 subscribed the company registered capital registration system to the registration system, abolished the minimum registered capital of the company, relaxed the business premises idle but at the same time strengthened the supervision on corporate integrity. For another example, Trust Law and Enterprise Bankruptcy Law have been enacted in 2001.

Today, commercial activity has become one of the most extensive social activities, which is related to the material interests and personal safety of parties in the transaction, society and the country and the social order stability. Therefore the rule of commercial law to protect the orderly operation of commercial activities is necessary. The rule of commercial law is conducive to the recognition of the independent status of the commercial main bodies, the constitution of the diversified market bodies and the regulation on commercial conduct, safeguarding the legitimate interests of the market participants and laying the standards foundation of Chinese modern enterprise system and the corresponding market norms (Turner, 2015, p.112).


Chen, J. (2008). Chinese law: Context and transformation. Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.

Turner, K. G. (Ed.). (2015). The limits of the rule of law in China. Seattle: University of Washington Press.

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