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Please read the assignment instructions in the Student Guide to BUSINESS 101.This template is designed to be used for your individual assignment. To use this template, you should first save a copy of this document.  As the assignment instructions explain, you should save this file with the file name of your University NetID, e.g. the name of your assignment must be the four letters followed by three numbers of your NetID. This means that your file name will have a 7 digit format that looks like abcd123.docx but with different letters and numbers.
Once you have saved this assignment template document with the new file name, you should change the title aboveon this page to something that will be meaningful and appropriate for your essay. Then, you can simply begin typing the text of your assignment directly into this template by deleting this text and adding your own text. You should not make any other changes to this template, e.g. you should not change the font, or font size, or margins, or line spacing, or anything else to do with the document formatting. Through using this template, everyone’s work will look similar. The individual peer review-of-assignment process in this course will work much better if there is a consistent look and feel to all assignments. 
During the individual peer review process, other students will not be able to see your assignment file name. This means that your confidentiality will be ensured as long as you do not identify yourself anywhere within the actual text that you type into this assignment template. It is extremely important, therefore, that you do NOT include your name, student ID number, or NetID anywhere at all within any of the text or words that are contained anywhere within your assignment. (This includes not identifying yourself at the start of the assignment or in any of the page headers or footers.) Theindividual peer review process ismeant to be “double-blind”, e.g. you should have no way of knowing whose assignments you are peer reviewing, and other students should have no way of knowing that it is your assignment they are peer reviewing.
Correct APA formatting is required for all of your academic writing in BUSINESS 101 and 102. This means that you must include in-text references (citations) within your report, plus a reference list at the end of your assignment. You can find useful advice on referencing for your assignments by reading the Student Guide to BUSINESS 101 and the Your Business Degree textbook (McCulloch and Reid, 2012). Further support is provided if you click the useful links from the BUSINESS 101 Course Home Page, e.g. the online support modules, the Research Pathfinder document, and a comprehensive guide for business students to APA referencing. 
In general, you should try to use paraphrasing in your writing rather than including too many direct quotes. If you do decide to include any direct quotes, they should normally be quite short. It is highly unlikely that you would ever want to include a longer direct quote or more than 40 words or so. It is also unusual and inadvisable to end an essay with a quotation.
Before the due date and time, you must follow the assignment instructions and electronically submit your assignment to the website.  There is no need to hand in a printed-out hard copy of the assignment. Your facilitators will be using Turnitin to check your assignment for its academic honesty and integrity. Your facilitators will also be marking your assignment within Turnitin and so you will need to go back to the website to read the feedback that you will receive on your assignment. Once again, please make sure that you have carefully read through all of the assignment instructions that are contained in the Student Guide to BUSINESS 101.
Word Count:
Please see the assignment instructions. You must take a word count of your assignment and insert it in the box above.  Note that the word limit for this assignment does not include any of the words in your reference list or in your addendum of Research Annotations.


McCulloch, R. and Reid, A. (2012). Your Business Degree. Frenchs Forest: Pearson Australia.

Research Annotations
Start this addendum to your assignment on a new page. Here, you will write your two required Research Annotations. Simply delete this short paragraph of instuctions, and then type your annotations into the boxes below. Remember that you can write a maximum of 300 words for each of the two annotations.See the Student Guide to Business 101 for full instructions as to what you must include in the reference, search strategy, and annotation boxes below.
Research Annotation 1
Search Strategy  
Research Annotation 2
Search Strategy