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Chapter One Introduction
In the 21st century, the issue of gender equality has attracted more and more attention. Gender equality means that women and men are related in political, economic, social status and other aspects of equality. Political equality is undoubtedly an important gender  dimension inspection(Adhiambo-Oduol,J.,2003). Political participation is the citizens'  political rights are an important way to realize that it reflects the social and political life of civil rights in the substantive fulfillment situation. Therefore, from the equality of political participation, you can examine a political equality of women and men on real situation even to examine the actual situation of gender equality.
This would establish relations of domination between the sexes in the entire social space and the second space in the family and areas of social life.In the world of would work in the field of administrative areas with the existence of such relationship.Gender politics in everyday life has mainly as women marginalized,neglected,ignored,oppressed and so on.
Chapter Two Adversarial nature of politics 
Women of a more conservative bent actually agree with much of the left’s critique of the new state capitalism and the social dislocations it has caused, though they are mainly concerned with maintaining harmony and have no fantasies (only nightmares)  going through yet another revolutionary transformation(Cooper, C.L,& Davidson., M.J.,1982). Their reading of history convinces them that enduring challenges have always been to maintain territorial unity, keep social peace, and defend national interests against other states—challenges heightened today by global market forces and a liberal ideology that idealizes individual rights, social pluralism, and international law.
 Like Schmitt(Schmitt,1999), they can’t make up their minds whether liberal ideas are hopelessly naïve and don’t make sense of the world we live in, or whether they are changing the world in ways that are detrimental to society and international order. These students are particularly interested in Schmitt’s prescient postwar writings about how globalization would intensify rather than diminish international conflict and how terrorism would spread as an effective response to globalization. Schmitt’s conclusion—that, given the naturally adversarial nature of politics, we would all be better off with a system of geographical spheres of influence dominated by a few great powers—sits particularly well with many of the young women related to adversarial nature of politics.
Chapter Three Women Rights with adversarial nature of politics 
In modern society,gender proposed that the formation of social differences between men and women because of natural physiological differences at the result of social and cultural construct.Although law already expressly provides gender equality and many aspects have shown respect for women.Basically there is no gender in equality in public obstruction,but women are the real discourse space yet to be established.Chinese traditional ethics would be strengthening the legalization of women's repressed even in stitutionalized causing that many women would lack the right to speak low sensitivity.In modern life,in order to examine the male perspective women and society, women abandoned the right to speak to a corner of the male discourse  popular( Karl, M.,2001).Modern politics is still amale-centered culture to unemotionally reaffirm and strengthen the role of gender differences and gender in equalities tradition of gender equality in the audience at the illusion of being a long-standing gender of stereotypes subtle.
In the modern political realm, women development barriers are contributing to women's lack of real political discourse. As times change and social and cultural changes brought about by the women's liberation movement driven from since the late 20th century, the whole world appears the number of women in the political field in the proportion rising trend.Correspondingly, women with the number of leadership positions is increasing for some women in the political sphere in which they appear to subvert the male-dominated and female dependency basic forms of gender relations. In most organizations and governments,in charge of the most important activities,the higher the level positions, the fewer the number of women in the entire community in the political sphere for women so that women in politics will decline. These reflect different perspectives of women in the political sphere substantive discourse is missing.
Chapter Four Conclusion
Women succeeding in the modern political arena to fight to the full right to speak just rely on on the provisions of this external economic doctrine to fundamentally rectify and improve women'sright to speak in the political field .It must complete unde rstanding clean up even to rebuilt.Women's discourse power in shaping the social and semantic and context of social domination, would lead to interpersonal discourse which would not just seen as a language to communicate with each other simply withthe right.Nor is it just by virtue of the economic doctrine.Economic status can not get direct access to the main stream of society to determine the topic and the leading social topics discussed in turn are leading the social trends and trend of the times.
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在21世紀,兩性平等問題已經吸引了越來越多的關注。性別平等是指在政治,經濟,社會地位等方面的平等,婦女和男人有關。政治上的平等無疑是一個重要的性別的維度的檢查(Adhiambo Oduol,J.,2003)。政治參與是公民的政治權利,是一個重要的方式來實現,它反映了社會生活和政治生活的公民權利的實質性的履行情況。因此,從平等的政治參與,您可以檢查一個政治上的平等,婦女和男子的真實情況,甚至要檢查實際的性別平等狀況。
必須完成UNDE rstanding的清理甚至婦女在現代政治舞臺上取得成功爭取到充分的話語權,僅僅依靠這種外部經濟理論,從根本上整頓和改善women'sright說在政治領域的規定。 rebuilt.Women塑造社會和語義和語境的社會統治的話語權,會導致不會僅僅被視為一種語言來溝通彼此的人際關系話語只是為the right.Nor是僅僅憑借經濟的學說。經濟狀況不能得到主流社會確定的主題和領先的社交依次討論的主題是領先的社會發展趨勢和時代潮流的直接訪問。
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