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<标题> 目標市場是那些忙碌的公司員工,他們沒有時間吃健康食品。當員工生病時,公司高昂的價格也要付出代價。這使得公司員工可以在繁忙的工作時間里獲得更健康的食物選擇。


<标题> 該公司需要與Tropicana等知名品牌競爭。公司成立于2014年,與國際和本土品牌相比資源較少。在此基礎上,公司需要設計出與主導品牌形象發展相適應的解決方案。這種企業參與的方法是讓人們意識到注重質量的健康選擇。企業的資源水平也降低了。因此,該公司主要集中在社交媒體門戶和直接營銷,以獲得消費者基礎。社交媒體營銷是一種產品或服務的推廣形式(Hanssens et al., 2014)。它被稱為網絡營銷或數字營銷。他們在社交媒體平臺和學術界占據主導地位。他們有許多內置的數據分析算法,使得公司更容易與消費者接觸。從戰略的角度來看,公司需要有一個系統來跟蹤員工的進步。由于現有和潛在的消費者,這些公司增加了廣泛的利益相關者(Caljuicecocom, 2017)。這有助于公司確定產品的銷售范圍,并幫助他們確定消費市場的基礎。社交媒體文化和語氣的發展是很容易的。為公司的歡樂時光設計的商業和廣告活動本身就是關于人們如何在繁忙的日程中保持健康。公司的印刷媒體發展減少了。他們確實試圖宣傳他們提供的井水套餐。

<标题> 除此之外,他們還想展示這家公司是一家實體店。為此,公司專注于社交媒體營銷。


<标题> The market segment that was targeted was the busy corporate employees who did not have time to eat healthy foods. It is costing the company’s exorbitant prices when the employees become sick. This enabled the company employees to gain access to healthier food options in their busy schedule.


The company needs to compete with the known brands such as Tropicana. The company was formed in 2014 and has lesser resources when compared to the international and local brands. Based on this, the company needs to devise solution that is attuned towards developments of the dominant brand image. This method of corporate involvement was to make the people aware of the healthier option that focused on quality. The level of resources was also reduced for the companies. Owing to this, the company focused mostly on the social media portals and direct marketing to gain the consumer base. The social media marketing is a form of promotion of a product or service (Hanssens et al., 2014). It is known as e-marketing or digital marketing. They are dominant in the social media platforms and academia. They have a number of built-in data analytics algorithms that makes it easy for the companies to have engagement with the consumers. From a strategic point of view, the companies need to have a system in place to track the progress of the employees. The companies add a wide range of stakeholders owing to the current and potential consumers (Caljuicecocom, 2017). This helps the companies to set the scope of the products sale and aids them in defining the consumer market base. The development of the social media culture and tone is easily facilitated. The commercial and ad campaigns that were devised for the happy hour for the company were in itself about how people can stay healthy in their busy schedule. There is reduced development of the print media for the company. They do try to promote about the well packages that they offer.

Added to this, they wanted to show that the company operates as a brick and mortar store. For this, the company focused its efforts on the social media marketing.