Theology-King Solomon

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King Solomon was the third and the greatest king of Israel. He ''was the second son of David by his wife Bathsheba, and the acknowledged favourite of his father'' (Oussani). Solomon is mostly known for his great wisdom and just soul. His main accomplishmen, the construction of the temple of the LORD in Jerusalem, also made him well-known and honorable among his people and among other nations as well. Apart from great wisdom, God also gave Solomon discerning heart, wealth, and honour, but still, at the end, this didn't prevent him from making the mistake of following other gods.   God played the major role in the king's life. Since the day Solomon was born, the LORD guided him through his righteous life; he made him a successful, wise and discerning ruler, helped govern the nation, and build the temple and the the palace in Jerusalem. The fact that Solomon asked God to give him wisdom to govern his people, not long and joyful life, great power and wealth, makes us admire the king and honour his purpose to put the prosperity of his people before his own needs.   Long before Solomon grew up and became a powerful king of Israel, we, the readers of the Bible, could foresee his upcoming success. God always was with him since the day he was born, ''and because the LORD loved him, he sent word through Nathan the prophet to name him Jedidiah'' (2 Samuel 12:25). The name Jedidiah means ''loved by the LORD''. ''Solomon's wisdom was greater than the wisdom of all the men of the Earth'' (1 Kings 4:30). He used his astude and wise mind to rule over his nation and to educate people. He gave them useful knowledge about plants, animals, birds, reptiles and fish. The king became famous and honourable, not only among his people, but also among other nations. ''Man of all nations came to listen to Solomon's wisdom, sent by all the kings of the world, who had heared of his wisdom'' (1 Kings 4:34).   Apart from having a great wisdom, Solomon was also a just and discerning judge. The scene in which two women ask him to decide who is the real mother of the child is the most famous example in which the king uses his discerning heart to jugde people. Solomon didn't even need any evidences or the witnesses to make the right judgemen.   Soon after ascending his father't throne, Solomon ''bagan to build the Holy Temple'' (Schoenber). He was controling the whole process of building it. The temple and its construction were very important for the king. By this, he showed his gratitude towards God and also fulfiled the intention of his father David. It took Solomon seven years to build the temple. In the end he also brought up the ark of the LORD's covenant in it.   During his life, Solomon ''composed 3,000 proverbs'' (Shoenberg), which are mostly related to people's everyday life. Through centuries, his proverbs helped people telling them how to live a righteous and successful life and teaching them how to be right before God: ''Do not envy a violent man or choose any of his ways, for the LORD detests a perverse man but takes the upright into his confidence'' (Proverbs 3:31-32) Nowadays, we can still extract some useful knowledge from these proverbs and use it to make our lifes better.   One of the proverbs that we can find in the book of Proverbs tells: ''The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline'' (Proverbs 1:7). After becoming familiar with this proverb and knowing that Solomon was wise, and that the LORD is a jealous God, the following question arises: ''Why did Solomon follow other gods?'' Only after God had punished him, Solomon understood that he did evil in the eyes of the LORD. Then, after Solomon's confessions, which were not completely sincere, God showed his mercy on the king, but after his death, the LORD divided the kingdom into two, and the son of Solomon got the smallest part of it.   According to the Bible, Solomon was the greatest king in the Old Testament, who ''ruled over the people of Israel about three thousand years ago'' (Maris). Thanks to his wise and discerning heart, that he got from the LORD, the king had no equals. Being a successful ruler and a just judge, Solomon taught people, had built the temple for the Name of the LORD his God in Jerusalem,  and had written ''3,000 proverbs'' (Schoenberg). Despite of his great wisdom that was given to him by God, Solomon did evil in the eyes of the LORD and followed the gods of his wifes. Still, he is remembered as a great and wise king. Wouldn't it be better if our governers would follow his example of being just and discerning towards the people?   References     Maris, Micki. ''About the Proverbs of Solomon.'' Proverbs of Solomon Family Discussion Guide. 11 Dec. 2009 Oussani, Gabriel. "Solomon." The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 14. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1912. 11 Dec. 2009  Schoenberg, Shira. ''Solomon.'' Jewish Virtual Library. 11 Dec. 2009 < ://>   所羅門王是第三和以色列最偉大的王。 “大衛是第二個兒子,他的妻子拔示巴,和公認的喜愛,他的父親''(Oussani)。所羅門主要是被稱為他的偉大的智慧和公正的靈魂。他的主要素養的,施工耶路撒冷耶和華的殿,也使他的知名度和他的人民和其他國家之間以及尊貴。除了大智慧,上帝也賜給所羅門挑剔的心,財富和榮譽,但仍然在年底,這并不能阻止他從其他神的錯誤。   神國王的生活中發揮著主要作用。由于當天所羅門出生,耶和華引導他通過他的公義的生命,他做了他的成功,明智和挑剔的統治者,幫助治理國家,并在耶路撒冷建立寺廟和宮殿。事實上,所羅門求上帝給他的智慧來治理他的人,不長,快樂的生活,很大的權力和財富,讓我們佩服王和榮譽,他的目的是把自己的需要之前,人們對他的繁榮。   很久以前,所羅門長大了,成為一個強大的以色列王,我們的圣經的讀者,可以預見他即將到來的成功。上帝總是與他同在他出生的那天起,'',因為耶和華愛他,他捎話通過彌敦道先知命名他Jedidiah''(撒母耳記下12:25)。的名字Jedidiah手段“耶和華”的喜愛。 “所羅門的智慧大于地球上所有的人的智慧”(王上4:30)。他統治他的國家和人民教育他的astude和睿智的頭腦。他給他們有用的知識,對植物,動物,鳥類,爬行動物和魚類。王成名的光榮,不僅是他的人,但在其他國家也。 “所有國家的人來聽所羅門的智慧,發送的世界,所有的國王誰他的智慧heared的”(王上4:34)。   除了有一個偉大的智慧,所羅門也是一個公正和挑剔法官。兩名女子要求他來決定誰才是真正的孩子的母親的場景是最有名的例子,其中王用他挑剔的心給jugde人。所羅門甚至不需要任何證據或證人做出正確的judgemen。   升他father't的寶座后不久,所羅門''蒲甘建立圣殿“(Schoenber)。他的控制的建設的全過程。為王的寺廟和它的建設是非常重要的。這一點,他表明他對上帝的感激之情,他的父親大衛也如愿以償的意向。所羅門花了7年建殿。最后,他還提出了耶和華的約柜的契約在。   在他的一生中,所羅門“由3000諺語”(Shoenberg),其中大多涉及到人們的日常生活中。通過幾個世紀以來,幫助,告訴他們如何過一個正義的和成功的生活,并教他們如何在神面前的人:“不要嫉妒強暴的人,或選擇任何他的方式,為耶和華所憎惡一個乖張的人,但他的諺語到他的信心''(箴言3:31-32)采取直立的今天,我們仍然可以從這些諺語中提取一些有用的知識,并用它來更好地使我們的靜物。   的諺語,我們可以發現在箴言書告訴:“敬畏耶和華是知識的開端,愚妄人藐視智慧和訓誨”(箴1:7)。在熟悉這句諺語,知道所羅門是明智的,耶和華是忌邪的神,出現以下問題:“為什么所羅門隨從別神?''只有在上帝已經懲罰了他,所羅門明白了,他邪在耶和華的眼中。然后,經過所羅門的供述,這是不完全真誠的,神表明他的慈愛王的,但在他死后,耶和華王國分裂成兩個,所羅門的兒子拿到了最小的一部分。   根據圣經記載,所羅門是最偉大的國王,在舊約中,“統治以色列的人大約三千年前”(馬里斯)。由于他的明智和挑剔的心,他從耶和華,王有無可匹敵。作為一個成功的標尺和公正的審判官,所羅門教人,建寺耶和華他的神在耶路撒冷的名稱,并寫了3000諺語''''(勛伯格)。盡管這是給他的上帝,他的偉大的智慧,所羅門行耶和華眼中的,跟著他的妻子神。不過,他想起作為一個偉大而明智的國王。豈不是更好,如果我們的統治,將效仿他的做法是公正和挑剔對人民?   參考文獻     馬里斯MICKI。 “關于所羅門所羅門家庭討論指南”箴言箴言。 2009年12月11日 Oussani,加布里埃爾。 “所羅門”。天主教百科全書。卷。 14。紐約:羅伯特Appleton還公司,1912年。 2009年12月11日 勛伯格,希拉。 “所羅門”猶太虛擬圖書館。 2009年12月11日<:/ / www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org的/ jsource的/傳記/ Solomon.html的>