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1.0Introduction 引言 “公共關系”一詞被定義為一種管理職能,旨在將公眾的態度列表化,定義政府政策和其他方面(Gennte,1981年)。“煙草大案”導致許多人討論了政府行為的積極和消極影響(郭,2013)。強調煙草對普通人的危害是明智的,但在卷煙上使用普通包裝的必要性引起了社會的激烈爭論。一些人認為香煙上的普通包裝也會損害煙草企業和社會,而另一些人則認為從長遠來看,這可能有益于普通人的健康。本文將圍繞大煙草案展開討論,說明公共關系改革的可能性。 The term “public relations” has been defined as a kind of management function and aims to tabulate the attitudes of the public, define the government policies and other aspects (Gennte,1981). The “big tobacco” case has led many people to discuss the positive and negative effects of the actions of the government (Guo, 2013). It is sensible to emphasize the harm of the tobacco to common people, but the necessity to use the plain packages on the cigarettes has initiated heated debates in society. Some people thought the plain package on the cigarettes can harm the tobacco business and the community as well, while others thought this might benefit the health of common people in the long run. This paper will focus on the discussion on the case of the big tobacco to explain that the reformation in the public relations is probable.  2.0 Reform in public relations is not impossible公共關系改革并非不可能。 有許多理由可以解釋,公共關系改革并非不可能。首先,要明確公共關系的含義,有利于社會和人民的發展和穩定。其次,社會上有各種各樣的媒體,對公共關系有很大的影響。政府和公眾之間的交流經常得到社會媒體的幫助。近年來,社會媒體在處理政府與社會公眾的關系方面發揮著重要作用。隨著互聯網的發展,公眾的思想意識越來越復雜。第三,政府的行為在很大程度上影響著公共關系。承認公共關系改革不可能是一種不作為。雖然公共關系比較全面,困難也可能是多方面的,但可以通過在法律和社會媒體上采取一些措施進行改革(郭,2013)。例如,煙草廣告在媒體上被禁止,一些更健康的食品在電視上被廣告,這可以被認為是澳大利亞法律和社會意識的影響。眾所周知,煙草會危害人類健康,這被視為導致人們患癌癥的最常見因素之一。因此,對香煙的包裝進行了明確規定,這可能會使香煙不那么具有吸引力(Aimmee,2012年)。然而,有些人不同意這一措施,他們認為煙草與毒品不同。許多人還將煙草與酒精和糖進行比較,這也會損害人們的健康(Gennte,1981年)。總之,可以采取一些措施來改革公共關系,這在國家或社會的發展過程中是不可否認的。認為公共關系改革只是無所作為的借口。 There are many reasons can be employed to explain that the reformation in public relations is not impossible. Firstly, it is important to make clear of the meaning of public relations to contribute to the development and stability of the society and common people. Secondly, there are various media in society, which can influence the public relations to a great degree. The communications between the government and the public are often aided by the social media. In recent years, social media play an essential role to deal with the relations between the authorities and common people in society. With the development of the Internet, the ideas and consciousness of the public become more and more complex. Thirdly, the actions of the government can affect the public relations to a great extent. It is a kind of inaction to admit the impossibility to reform the public relations. Although the public relations are quite comprehensive and the difficulties can be various, it can be reformed by taking some measures in law and in the social media (Guo, 2013). For example, the ads on tobacco have been prohibited on media and some more healthy foods have been advertised on TV, which can be considered as the effects of the law and social consciousness in Australia. As is well known to all, tobacco can harm the health of human beings, which has been seen as one of the most common factor in causing people to get cancer. Therefore, the packages on cigarettes have been regulated to be plain, which may make the cigarettes not so attractive (Aimmee, 2012). However, some people do not agree with this measure, and they think tobacco is different with drugs. Many people also compare the tobacco with alcohol and sugar, which can harm people’s health as well (Gennte, 1981). In a word, it is possible to take some measures to reform the public relations, which should not be denied in the developing process of the country or society. To think the reforming in the public relations is only an excuse of inaction.  Moreover, there are various difficulties in the ‘big tobacco’ case. Firstly, tobacco has been popular for a long history, and many people can not refuse the comfortable feeling in smoking. When one has been addicted to smoking, it will hard for them to give it up. Secondly, there are many tobacco companies in the world, which has been regulated by the government strictly (Alex, 1999). The plain packages can harm the tobacco business to some degree, for most people has fallen into one specific cigarettes brand and they often distinguish the cigarettes brands form the packages (Hua, 2000). The disgusting pictures in the cigarettes packages can cause some people to turn away from the cigarettes. Such regulations in the law can impair the interests of the tobacco industry. Although the color that is used in ads can influence the feelings and attention of people, the government law should not take away the rights of the tobacco industry to use various packages on cigarettes (Kraham, 2000). Thirdly, the aim of the government measures is to protect the health of common people, for cigarettes can cause people to get cancer and other diseases relevant to the lungs. However, it is not easy for the government to balance all the interest relations in the society.  3.0The formation of the socially beneficial public relations The formation of the socially beneficial public relations can be illustrated in two respects. Firstly, the ethical communication can contribute to the sound development of the society and the world to a great degree. The communication between the government and organizations in society can affect the conditions of the public relations to a great degree, so it is necessary to build good relationships between corporations and the government. In order to do so, the policies and the regulations of the government should respect the development of business and take some effective measures to promote the quick progression of business in the long run (Jill, 2013). The “big tobacco” case has caused the hot discussion among common people and businessmen, which has damaged the relations in the public. Although the plain packages may help smokers or nonsmokers not to be attracted by the cigarettes, the way can be a little radical, which can not be seen as a type of fine ethical communication. The ethical communication calls for the respect of each other. In the “big tobacco” case, the government just took the measures based on its thoughts and neglected the views of the tobacco companies, which has violated the principle of ethical communication ( Hofstede, 1991).  It is of great meaning to employ the critically reflective practice to analyze the case of the big tobacco. The critically reflective practice has been defined as a procedure of exploration, in which the practitioners try to find, research and the hypothesis that frame the way they work (Heson, 2000). This practice can benefit the development of the society and the public relations in the long run, if the government can conclude the experience and errors in its acts and individuals can reflect on their actions in daily life. It is worth to reflect on the “big tobacco” case to promote the formation of nice public relations.  4.0Conclusion In order to improve the public relations, the government always takes some measures to benefit common people and enable the public to understand and accept the government much better. It is probable to employ some methods to reform the public relations to sound ones. Everyone hopes to work and live in a harmonious society with comfortable public relations in the country. In conclusion, this paper intends to contribute to the reformation of the public relations to some extent.      5.0Reference Aimmee T, 2012, An Analysis of Public Relations, Atlantis Press. Alex M., 1999, ‘The analysis and the development of the critically reflective practice ’,  Journal of Social Practice, vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 467-489. Guo X M, 2013, Research on the reformation of the public relations, Applied Social Science. Gennte B. E. ,1981, ‘The ethical communication’, Journal of the Social Development, vol. 6, no. 44, pp. 184 - 199. Hua Li, 2000, ‘The Impact of the ethical communication’,  Journal of Society, vol. 28, no. 3, pp. 269-305. Heson Zhezhong, 2000, ‘The relations between the government and the public, vol. 13, no. 6, pp. 79-88. Hofstede F., 1991, Cultures and Organizations of a Society, MCGraw Hill Publisher. Jill A Q, 2013, The companies and the government policies, London Publisher. 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